Three years ago I became a farmer's wife, a dream fulfilled! My story takes place in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia on our 50 acre farm where a lot of my entries will take place. Other entries may take place on the 150 acre family farm we rent from my father-in-law and the 250 acre farm that he owns and plants in cash crops. Our little homestead farm consists of 50 laying hens and three roosters, a female Pembroke Welsh Corgi, a standard Dachshund male, a breeding pair of miniature Dachshunds , an outdoor barn cat, three standard size Jersey cows, two standard size Jersey heifers, two miniatures Jersey Cows, and two Miniature Jersey bulls. On the family farm we raise beef cattle and have a mixed herd of about 50 cows with calves and two Angus bulls. We also grow and sell produce on the family farm.
As you read my daily adventures, sometimes exciting but often routine, I hope you are entertained and blessed as much as I have been with my day to day life on the farm!

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