Heat Relief

Woke up to a cloudy sky that promised rain but all we got was a drizzle. It was not even measur-able. At least with the drizzle we got some relief from the heat. It was nice to have a day when the heat and humidity were not so over-bearing!

I have spent most of the day cleaning house in addition to my daily chores with the animals. I usually clean house on Thursdays. I like to have things clean for the weekend but Friday and Saturday are too busy since we have the produce stand open on those days.

(Note: Picture of new male Corgi puppy that I will get when he is weaned in September. I get weekly updates showing his growth and changes. He is going to be Sadie's companion and I hope to breed them next year. I still have not thought of a name for him yet. I am open to suggestions.)

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Gypsie Lady said...

I think you should name the new little man Conner or Indiana