Family Reunions

Summer is the time for family reunions. With my husband's family, this pretty much means a family reunion every weekend from July through the end of August! I have never seen anyone attend so many reunions as the Cupp family! Today we went to Briery Branch, Virginia to attend the Cupp reunion. This was the 74th Cupp reunion held at Briery Branch Church of the Brethren. There are a few people there that we know (immediate family members) and many people that we only see once a year when we go to the reunion. The high point of the day is always the trip to the reunion in my father-in-law's 1931 model A. We always take the back roads and chug along at a slow pace observing the scenery along the way. It's fun to watch people's reaction to the old car. Almost everyone waves without exception and they smile involuntarily. Children, teens, adults and elderly...............it makes no difference. Seeing the car just brings a neighborly wave from those we meet, as if we were transported back to a time when everyone had time to stop and speak to each other.
(Note: Pictures of Mike and I taken with the Model A. We had the food strapped on the back of the car.)

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i miss the rides in pop's car