Goodbye to Dudley

Cute little Dudley went to his new home today. I always hate to see the babies go, as I enjoy them so much! Dudley is just a classic and I am going to miss him. He is the first bull calf to stay within the area, though. So, at least I will be able to see him from time to time.

It's hard to believe that the spring babies have all gone and now it is almost time for the fall babies to be born. Dixie and Butter will have standard Jersey calves born in the next couple of months. I believe Butter will have hers in a couple of weeks by the way she looks. Maya is bred for a mid-October calf and her baby will be half miniature Jersey. It will be interesting to see how big (or small) her baby is! Keeping fingers crossed for heifer calves this time around!

(Note: Picture of Dudley at three months old. Dam is Mayfield. Sire is Breyer.)

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Jorg said...

What a handsome guy!