Sunday Dinner

We went out to eat this afternoon at the Buckhorn Inn. The restaurant is currently being run by a Mennonite family. Evidently, the family lives on the second floor of the 1800's home and the restaurant is on the first floor. When we arrived, the couple who run the restaurant was very busy with the dinner rush.
Three adorable little Mennonite girls were playing in the entrance of the restaurant. One little girl was just a baby and was somewhere between walking and crawling in her development. The other little girl faded in and out and we didnt' see much of her. The middle girl had blonde hair and was wearing a dress somewhere between blue and green that brought out the color of her eyes. This particular little girl was probably four and was determined that she was going to help her parents out. Father was doing most everything by himself, as Mother was on crutches and struggling to do her part. I started laughing when the little girl climbed up onto a chair to reach the cash register, which she knew how to open, and then proceeded to pull out some money and ask Mike if he wanted some. Then she wanted to know if he wanted chicken! She was adorable.

After we had eaten, I saw her playing with some children. When her father came out, she said she was playing with her "cousins". The father smiled and said, "You mean friends." She then came over to me and saw my bag with Dachshunds on the front of it and wanted to know if I had puppies in my purse. I laughed and told her "No, but I have puppies at home."

After eating, we spent the afternoon driving in the mountains and had an ejoyable, relaxing afternoon.

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