Peeps in the Bathtub!

My sister in law called me this morning and said that the FFA teacher had some peeps that hatched out last week and they needed to find them a home. Of course, I said yes. I was suppose to get them tomorrow, but my sister-in-law came by bringing them in a little doggie crate this afternoon. I had no idea how cold they were, or when they had something to eat or drink. I brought them inside and put them in the warmest spot I could find..........the bathroom downstairs. I transferred them from the crate to a cardboard box and gave them some food and water. I then rushed out to get the evening chores completed before dark. Mike came home and wanted to know what I was going to do with the chicks and I told him until at least tomorrow, they are staying in the bathtub!

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Corinne said...

What an adventure your life is!