Baby Goats!

I finally got my baby goats home! They are so cute and I love them so much! I don't know how I ever lived this long without having goats in my life! They have such character and really seem to crave human attention! The smaller girl is still shy, but the larger of the two is very friendly! Poor things are missing their mommas though! They have cried so much that now they have lost their voice! If you have never heard a baby goat cry, then you will not believe how "human" it can sound at times! It just breaks my heart to hear them crying for their mommas! They will get quiet and then hear or see me and the crying starts all over again! Poor things!


Diane said...

They are so cute. I really do love goats....funny things that they are. Looks like their new home is working just fine. :D

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say, Happy day from your cow family friend, Theresa!