A Visit from "Online" Friends

When I was growing up, my friends consisted of the people that lived close to me and went to school and church with me. It's amazing how times have changed and how the internet has opened up doors for us to meet folks "online" that we would have never had the opportunity to meet before. I also greatly appreciate the fact that the internet allows us to connect with people who have the same interests that we do. My love of animals has brought me in contact with some awesome folks over the last few years that I never would have met otherwise.

This past week, I was priveleged to meet a wonderful family that lives about 1.5 to 2 hours away from us that I previously had only corresponded with through email. When we met it was as if I we were already "old" friends and we had a lovely time visiting. The young adults in the family, Levi and Lacy, were a delight! Courteous, considerate, kind and articulate, they also are fabulous photographers! The pictures above are used by permission from my new friends and I invite you to vist Lacy and Levi's blog sites where you can see even more pictures of our visit.

(You may have to cut and paste. For some reason I can never get the links to show up on this blog! I'm not as smart as Levi and Lacy!)



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Lucky Lizard Ranch said...

Looks like a great visit! So glad you got to meet some friends in person! :)