It had to rain.............

It had to rain today. I knew it would. I knew that by some crazy twist of fate that when this date came that it would rain.

It was one year ago this month that Josh and Alissa left with high hopes and dreams. Two young people in love with life and ready for the adventure that it would bring. As a mother, I knew I had to let them go. When I kissed and hugged Alissa and told her goodbye, my heart ached. When I kissed and hugged Josh, I clung to him and I cried. Was there something subconscious telling me not to let him go? I had no choice. He went.

Nine months ago today Josh left this world. I never got to see him again. I never got to hold him in my arms and kiss and hug him again.

Josh loves the rain. I knew it would rain today.

I love you, Josh!


Corinne said...

The silvery sparkles in the raindrops .... pieces of heaven letting you know Josh is safe and his way of letting you know he is with you. As it was raining yesterday, I knew that it had to rain.

I did not realize the dates these boys journeyed off were the same - just one year apart. Tammy, I had no idea.

Sammy arrived safely at his destination around 2:30 pm mtn....I knew you would want to know.

Love, C

Diane said...

I shall never see the rain the same again since you've told your stories of Josh. In fact I almost cry on rainy days thinking of you. God bless you my friend. I'm praying. xoxo

Anonymous said...


Lucky Lizard Ranch said...

Raindrops, rainbows, and your Josh dancing in their beauty.
Sending you hugs Tammy.
love, liz

Corinne said...

Yes! Josh dancing in the beautiful raindrops. I always hear his laughter..the deep laugh.

You have beautiful friends surrounding you my dear, sweet Tammy...they all see the beautiful rain.

What a glorious image in my mind. Beautiful Josh, dancing and laughing in heaven... in the beautiful rain.

Peace be with you my beautiful friend. Love you.