The sun is shining today and I have a lot to do! I have already milked and fed by myself this morning and will soon be on my way to the farm to gather and sell produce. I spent the day at home yesterday catching up on housework, freezing veggies and distributing milk to my cow share members. I am trying to get on a Tuesday/Thursday schedule for the shares, since we are open at the produce stand the other days. Mike is working off the farm today and his sister, Cathy, is going to help me at the produce stand.

It looks like we are going to have some hot days this week with temps in the upper 90's but they are still calling for a good chance of rain. Mike looked at the extended forecast and thinks he might get a window of opportunity to get some hay cut and baled next week. That would be good. The last hay they cut at his dad's other farm got rained on repeatedly and won't be good for anything but compost.

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