Green Egg

I have two Ameracauna hens and I thought they never were going to give me a colored egg! I was so excited today when I found my first green egg!


Jo said...

Congratulations! I had five Ameracauna hens last year laying eggs, four of them laid green and one laid brown. This spring, when the fox/raccoon slaughtered most of my flock, guess which Ameracauna hen was left unscathed? Of course, the brown egg one.

Will you treat yourself to some green eggs and ham?

Tammy Renee' Cupp said...

Actually, I think green eggs and ham sounds wonderful! ;-)

I am so, so sorry about your birds and of course, it would be the brown egg layer that survived! I am wondering if the other Ameracauna I have is not laying a brown egg as well.

Jessika said...

Very exciting!I miss our layers, we had a few " green eggers " as well. We need to build a new hen house. Now I have so many flower gardens and our licensed creamery I don't want them to free range anymore, so need some kind of set up. The kids have 2 adorable pullets right now, a barred rock and a GORGEOUS Blue Cochin, hopefully she can set some fertile eggs for us next spring.

Corinne said...

Green eggs and ham? You have to tell me more about the green eggs.