Another Letter from Ben

I think I need to clarify for those of you who missed it, that Ben is one of the puppies that I sold who found a wonderful home in Washington, DC. The letters I have posted are from Ben's (the puppy) perspective with a little help from his new human companion, Larry.


Tomorrow, I will have been here on Capitol Hill a whole week. Can you believe it? And can you believe I’m turning into a city dog? I tell all the big dogs we see not to mess with me, that I’m a country pup and really tough. I’m just kidding of course. I love to play. The big dogs can’t figure out whether to eat me or play with me. I attack ‘em before they can figger it out; it’s a lot of fun.

We went on five walks today. I think Larry’s trying to get me to “go” outside. I don’t know why. He doesn’t “go” outside. Why should I? I don’t think he’s amused when, after a very long walk, I pee on the paper just as soon as we get back inside. These walks take a long time, ‘cause everybody who walks by has to stop and say hello. Lemme tell you, it interrupts my search for stuff to eat, which is hard enough with Larry trying to keep me from doin’ it. Some little kid wanted to pet me, but he dropped his back pack, ‘bout as big as he was, and it scared me half to death.

A policeman on one of those segway things stopped to say hello on one of our walks. I played hard to get. He said getting to pet me was part of “the puppy tax.” Wow! I didn’t know about that.

We went over to see our neighbors Arthur and Buggsy this afternoon. Buggsy is seven and about twice as big as I am with really long paws. We got along really well once he figured out I was just kidding when I growled and barked at him. We ran around and around Arthur’s house. Buggsy couldn’t keep up with me; I stayed out of reach of those big, long paws, though. We’re gonna go back and see him again.

Big news of the day! I’ve been barred from gardening. All because I dug up a few plants and tried to eat the leaves on some others. I mean, like, after all it’s September: harvest time. Oh yeah, one other thing, we got health insurance today. I must be really important.

Well, that’s about it for now. I’ve had a really, really hard day. If Larry doesn’t go to bed soon, I’ll just sleep in his gym bag ‘til he does.

Your Little Ben