Ben's Been Naughty!

Seems that Ben has been into some things he shouldn't have!

I had a really hard day yesterday. First, I found some kinda glue trap for insects and got my foot stuck in it. It was about two inches by four inches, and I couldn’t get it off. I went clop-clopping around the upstairs until Larry heard the racket and rescued me. I had a sore foot for a few minutes. I licked and licked it until it felt better. Then, while Larry was outside trimming the ivy, I got tired of watching and raced upstairs to see what I could find. Ah, recharger cords! I killed the one for the Kindle. Larry had to order a new one from Amazon. Actually, he ordered two in case I did it again. He didn’t say anything to me, but he really yelled when he found out. I didn’t have time to complete the job on the iPhone cord. Oh well, that’s for another day.

We had several long walks. I’ve gotten really good at holding it until we get back inside and I can go on the paper. Today, when I really, rally had to go, these two girls stopped to adore me. I couldn’t help myself and peed outside. I might do it again, just for the heckuvit. And today, I’ve pooped on the paper every time. I got treats and praise, so I just might keep that up, too. I’ve gotten lots of sleep today, so I’ll be able to terrorize the place tonite. You can bet I’ll give plenty of love bites with my extra sharp little teeth. Speaking of teeth, I won’t let Larry brush my teeth. I mean, what’s up with that? I look for new stuff to do all the time. I’m gettin’ to be a pretty good pickpocket. Larry carries a handkerchief in his right front pocket. If I’m real careful I can get it out of his pocket before he even has a clue. Then I can run around with it until I think of something else to do.

We saw Gene Weingarten last night on one of our walks. He lives nearby and works for the Washington Post. Larry says he wrote this great book called “The Old Dog” or something like that. Mebbe Larry will read it to me when I get a little older.

Oh yeah, one new thing. I actually went down the stairs by myself with a lot of coaxing. It’s still scary.

Bye for now.

Little Ben

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