Ben is three months old!

I was three months old yesterday. That’s one minute for every hour I’ll be alive if I live to be 15. Imagine! How time flies. Nobody, nobody sent me a card or a present or anything. I was crushed. Larry tells me that nobody pays any attention to three-month birthdays. I can’t imagine why not. It was a big day for me.

Today, I went with Larry to get his haircut. I was in his lap when he got shampooed and in it again, but under the smock, when he got his haircut. I went to sleep. Can you believe it? Afterwards, we went over to the Old Town Dog School to arrange for Puppy Head Start. Larry asked Sandy, one of the owners, if she could be the trainer. She said she wouldn’t do it for just anybody, but that I seemed special. I was so proud. She said I had lots of potential and that I carried myself so confidently when I came in the store. We go back there on Monday for an

“evaluation.” What on earth do you think that means? Then we went to Pet Smart so that I could pick out some more toys and make up for yesterday when I didn’t get anything on my three-month birthday. I’m gonna need something to keep them in. Right now, they’re all over the floor.

Larry tries to brush my teeth with his finger. I won’t let him. Today, we got some of those treats that help clean your teeth and freshen your breath. They taste OK, but I’d rather have real bones. And I still don’t want anyone sticking their fingers in my mouth. It’s not sanitary.

Oh yes, I’ve been tricked into going outdoors. Larry gets up at 530 a.m. (while it’s still dark outdoors), gets dressed, and scoops me up and whisks me outside before I can pee on the paper or anything. After holding it all night, which I do rather well if I do say so myself, I go Number 1 and Number 2 right away. I get a treat for it, but I still don’t like being tricked. Then, we go inside and eat. Sometimes during the day I use the back porch if the door is open.

This afternoon, I jumped up on the kitchen table and took a good look at some acorn squash. I got caught before I could see what they tasted like. I like to taste EVERYTHING and get in lots of trouble when we go for our walks. We see lots of dogs on our walk. They remind me of my brothers and sisters. I greet all the dogs we meet, no matter how big they are, and just sit down and stare at the ones that walk by on the other side of the street. I can’t understand why they don’t come over and say hello.


Yur Little Ben

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