Another Puppy Goes to a Good Home

Another puppy just left. He went to this wonderful, wonderful older man from Washington, DC who has previously owned Dachshunds. One lived to be nine and the other nineteen. The man was so kind and I apologized to him because I was in tears before he ever left. I was doing ok until he told me that he "just knew" when he found my web page that one of these puppies was the right one. He said that he could just tell that this was a special place. I gave Ben, his new puppy, a kiss goodbye and bawled like a baby!

When the nice man was trying to pick a puppy, the three available puppies kept jumping up with such force that it looked like they were going to launch themselves into the man's lap! It's no wonder he had such a hard time deciding. They reminded me of Donkey on Shrek when he is bouncing up and down and saying "Pick me! Pick me!"

I put Oscar and Hunter outside while the nice gentleman was playing with the puppies. Otherwise, Oscar rolls over and expects everyone to scratch his belly the entire time! So, the two big Weenies went out to the barn yard to do their thing. Whatever that is, it involves walking and rolling in various varieties of manure.

The very nice gentleman is ready to leave and has his car door open and Oscar happens by and decides to sit in the nice, clean, leather driver's seat.

He left the nice man with some Oscar size footprints that I am sure were chicken and cow scented!

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Lucky Lizard Ranch said...

Sounds like Ben and The Gentleman are soon to be best friends! Congrats on finding another great home for another pup!