A December Letter from Ben

Well, I know I haven’t written in a long time, but whadda ya expect. I’ll be six whole months old next Tuesday, and I’ve been very busy. There are so many new things to do and so many things to taste and smell and eat (when Larry’s not looking).

Today, though, and last night was just amazing. All this white stuff falling from the sky and piling up, and I mean really piling up. S’posed to be some kinda record. I was scared at first and cried a little bit when I had to go out. Today, I really got into it, running down the sidewalk and jumping over the little drifts. Larry was so slow, and I kept having to wait for him. He kept me walking until I did what I was out there to do, and I didn’t mind a bit. Best of all, there was this little girl being dragged along on a garbage can lid by her dad. I jumped right on and gave her lots of kisses. She loved it, and after lots of fun she carried me back to Larry. I wasn’t on a leash; there wasn’t any traffic and I could run anywhere I wanted, ‘cept where the snow was just too deep.

Week before last, we had a party at the house. Really fun people! I was so excited I kept getting into trouble. I jumped down from one chair right up onto another and into this lady’s lap, and I did it so fast I made her spill her wine. Oh well, it was white. After a bit, Larry told me it would be a good idea to get into my crate. I got in there just to shut him up, but one of the guests came and rescued me after a bit. I hope there’ll be more parties. More people mean more fun, and if one of ‘em gets tired, there’s always someone else to play with.

Oh yes, I almost forgot. On Thursday, at least I think it was Thursday. Larry got me a hedgehog over at the Old Town School for Dogs. It’s almost as big as I am. I wouldn’t have anything to do with it for a day or two, ‘cause it was a little scary. Yesterday morning, I barked at it for twenty minutes, and it didn’t do anything. So, after I figured out it wasn’t dangerous I started to play with it. It makes this really weird hedgehog kind of noise when you press it. Fun! This morning, after coming in out of the snow, I slept with it in front of the fireplace. What fun!

Well, I don’t wanna overdue it, or you’ll expect long letters all the time, so have a Merry Christmas and give a pet to every dog you meet.

Your little Ben

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Lucky Lizard Ranch said...

Thanks for the update Ben!
Merry Christmas!