Vacuum Sealed Dairy Products

Mozzarella and butter balls vacuum sealed and headed for the freezer.


Jessika said…
Looks good! I think I could have a little TOO MUCH fun with a vacuum sealer!
WeldrBrat said…
Oh, my goodness. I'm salivating! You are so lucky! Now - how many days do you get to do this?
Anonymous said…
Hi Tammy,
Guess what just arrived by courier!!! My new vacuum sealer! Then I log on to FB and there you are vacuum sealing cheese! Sorry, using way too many exclaimation marks here, but I'm excited that I can vacuum seal cheese and butter, I was mainly buying it to vacuum seal dehydrated food and meat for the freezer. Now, just need Spot to freshen so I can get milk to make cheese! (oops another exclaimation mark). Bye. Heidi
I have more that I need to seal. I didn't get around to all of it today. I just seal the feta, Mozzarealla, Cottage Cheese, Ricotta and butter. I have not had very good success with sealing the hard cheese. It seems to inhibit the flavor. So, I have been waxing the hard cheese.

I love my vacuum sealer. Fruit, veggies and dairy products stay so much fresher! On some things, I have to pre-freeze and then seal because the moisture content inhibits a good seal.
Scroungeman said…
MMMMMMMMMMM! CHEEEESSSEEE........Can we come raid your cheese stash?
Deb makes butter about every other day. We have almost enough to keep us supplied while Mable is dry. Now, I'm HUNGRY...!
Any problems with moisture?
I have had cheeses go to mush after vac sealing.
Yours look fabulous!
I have not had any problems vacuum sealing the soft cheese and freezing them. I would not recommend vacuum sealing hard cheeses. It messes with the moisture and does not allow the cheese to age properly in my opinion. I tried many times because I don't enjoy waxing cheese but it seems to be the best way to go for hard cheese, in my opinion.