Blessed Morning

It was one of THOSE mornings. No, not the kind of morning where you wish it would end, but the other kind.

It was one of those morning where for a moment in time the world just kind of stops and there is peace. It may be short lived, but the glow from that moment lingers on and encourages us that life really does have it's precious moments.

That moment came for me this morning as I watched the new baby calf trying out his "new bounce", and then mimicking his momma by taking a little piece of hay in his mouth and nibbling on it. He then turned a round a few times and found himself a nice comfy spot in the sun to take a nap.

After a long, hard winter that came to a head when I lost the last calf that was born, the feeling of spring in the air and the beauty of the new baby were enough to bring tears of joy and relief to my eyes.

We made it through yet another milestone in this life that is often difficult.

With thankfulness, we count our blessings.

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Anonymous said...

Amen. Thank you for such an inspiring post.