Spring is a busy time for farmers. This morning was no exception!

When Mike arrived at the other farm there was a set of twin bull calves that had been born sometime during the night. Typical behavior for a beef cow, the momma seems to be accepting one calf and rejecting the other. Because we wanted to make sure that both calves had received colostrum, I took some of Emmy's colostrum that I had saved and we bottle fed the twins. We are going to watch today to see if the momma accepts both calves and if she does not, then I will have to bottle feed at least one of them. I have named them Pete and (Re)Pete.

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WeldrBrat said...

Ohhhh, I just love baby calves! You two have got your hands so full! Just keep that camera in your pocket - everywhere you go! It's fun to see all the chaos! LOL