Bread and Butter

Recently I have become very excited about grinding my own wheat to make my bread. A friend offered to grind some different types of wheat for me so that I could try them before I committed to buying my own mill. Let's just say that I was not disappointed at all! The taste, texture, and quality of the bread was unbelievable. I am now on a mission to find the perfect grain mill for our family. Even my husband who is not crazy about whole wheat bread was delighted with the bread made from the freshly ground wheat. (I caught him in the kitchen late at night smearing generous portions of butter on "chunks" of homemade bread!)

We just happened to be having a little get-together the week that I was given the freshly ground flour. This gave me the opportunity to experiment and I used two different types of wheat (hard red wheat and soft red wheat) to make some "baby" loaves of bread for our guests. Because I wanted something a little more fancy to go along with the bread than just plain butter, I made a fruit butter. I did this by allowing the butter to soften and then whipping in some homemade sour cherry jam. I then reshaped the butter and refrigerated it long enough to give it form but still allow it to be soft for spreading. The combination was both appealing and appetizing.


Deb said...

Oh I love being able to grind my own flour!! I have a hand grinder, if I had the money I'd get the moter for it, but since I don't, I do it by hand. I wanted to for sure have a grinder that I could use without electricity, which is a big reason I got the one I got...but having an electric one would be nice too. :)

While I'm sure there are lots of other ones that are great...and maybe even some better, the link below is the one I got and I've been really happy with it. It does take a little while to grind it all by hand, but as you can see if you scroll down, the moter drive they sell is rather expensive...so I'll stick with what I have for now. :)


Good luck picking out what to get...there are a lot of different ones out there.

Tammy Renee' Cupp said...

Thank you, Deb! I appreciate the link and your input! I like the fact that you can go wither way with that particular model (w/ electric or w/out.)

WeldrBrat said...

Okay... help!!! Where in the world do you get your wheat? Are you growing your own? How much area are you using for that?

Between you, Tammy and Tonia - I stay so excited and wishing I could just pinch my nose and blink my eyes! Why does it feel like it's just gonna take forever to get in on all the fun that the three of you are neck-high deep into living? LOL

Tammy Renee' Cupp said...

I don't grow my own wheat................yet! ;-) We have a local chain, Sharp Shoppers, that is based out of PA that sells the wheat berries. I believe the chain is owned by Mennonites. At least, a lot of Mennonite folks in our area frequent the stores and are employed by them. I know you can order online but I would think that would be cost prohibitive.

Deb said...

We went to the coop (where we buy some of our animal food) and asked if they could get cleaned untreated Wheat for our use. I think they had to order it, but it was cheaper to get it through them, than to order it online. Course I'm sure it's not Organic, which would be nice...however not having the money to go that route, this is still better than buying the flour that has been ground to long ago to have it have many nutrients left in it.