Sugar Update

Unfortunately, we have had a set back with Sugar. I am hoping it is a temporary set back, but it just doesn't look good. Having been AI'd a couple of times and then being put in with the Angus bulls through a cycle in which we did not see her come in to heat, we thought possibly Sugar was bred. Sugar was in standing heat last night, and she is most definitely not bred.

This leads me to believe that she possibly won't breed OR that she is breeding but slipping the calf early in the gestation. Either one is not good. We loaded her on to the trailer and took her back down to the other farm to hang out with her two Angus boy friends for a while. I intend to leave her down there throughout the summer and maybe even into early fall. This will give her every opportunity to get bred. If we find that she does conceive and carry a calf, then I will have time before she calves to bring her back to the house and work with her some more to get her ready for the milking routine.

So, fingers (and hooves) crossed that those Angus boys can get the job done so that she can be a milk cow instead of beef.

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