The Great Pig Escape

Yes, it happened.

Six hungry, crazy, wild and fast little pigs escaped their pen today. They had obviously been out for a while before I noticed. How I could have missed it? The chickens were squawking, the cows were bawling, the geese were hissing, the younger heifers were running around kicking up their heals, the dogs were not sure which pigs to chase but were doing their darndest. There were pigs everywhere I looked! You would think that at least two of them would stick together, but NO, they each one had to run squealing in a different direction. Chaos does not even begin to describe the scene as I went out for the evening chores.

A quick glance at the fence told me that one of them had pushed the post of the electric fence away from the gate post, and all the other little piggies had followed out single file. Once they had their freedom they were not going back!

Thinking quickly about what to do, I grabbed a bucket of clabbered milk and yelled "Pig, pig, pig, pig!!!!"

Nothing but bedlam.

So, I tried again, "Here little piggies!"

Nothing but chaos.

Again I tried, "Come on piggies! Pig, pig, pig, pig."

Still nothing but mayhem.

Then I got the bright idea of finding one little piggy and showing them the bucket. I figured since I wasn't very good in the language of pigs yet, I would "speak" to one of them by "sign" and then let him tell the others.

It worked. One little piggy saw the bucket and started yelling to all the others.

"Hey, Mom's got food!"

In nothing flat I had six little piggies right on my heels.


They were all gathered around my legs and I was running down the hill leading them with a big 'ole bucket of clabbered milk in my hands. There was still chaos all around me as the cows kicked, the dogs barked, the chickens squawked, the geese hissed and the goats looked on wide-eyed from the safety of their separate pasture.

I could feel cold snouts on my legs as I ran down the hill. Spencer who was suppose to be "helping" herd the pigs somehow ended up in front of this parade and turned around with a look of surprise when he realized if he didn't move it, he was going to be trampled by six pigs and a crazy woman yelling "Pig, pig, pig, pig" and carrying a big bucket of clabbered milk.

Somehow, I managed to get the gate open and all six pigs followed me in. I quick shut the gate, turned the electricity off, fixed the fence, and got the electricity back on while the pigs were eating their clabbered milk.

Something makes me think if I had somehow been able to video tape the whole adventure, I surely would have won a prize! Since I didn't get a movie of all the excitment, these pictures taken with my cell phone after the pigs were once again contained will have to do!