A Newborn

Mike and I went "on the hill" late this morning to check on the cattle.
When we took a litte ride up there Sunday we noticed that four cows were close to calving and Mike wanted to check on them. We found three of them right off, hanging with the rest of the herd. Then we went to the opposite side of the field and sure enough there was one of the cows we had noticed on Sunday. You could tell instantly by her body language that she had hidden a calf somewhere and did not want us to find it. We had to look a bit, but find it we did! It was a nice little bull calf that we promptly vaccinated, banded and tagged. Momma was none to happy about that and actually was pretty threatening at times coming within just a few feet of us, shaking her head and pawing the ground. It's always fun trying to assist with a banding while trying to keep an eye out on an angry momma cow that is getting in your face! We managed to complete the task without incident and Momma cow was quite happy to see us leave!

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Deb said...

Oh boy, I think I'd be running to the truck. LOL Thats the nice thing about ours...we can seperate them in the barn to do that kinda thing if we need to, I sure wouldn't be comfortable doing it where Mom could come get me.