This & That on Thursday

Sometimes you just have to let all the responsbilities go and take a "mental health day". When you farm, it's hard to get a whole day to just relax making it necessary to take segments of time when you can.

Monday was one of those days for me when I just needed to get away from everything for a while. For a few months, Mike has been helping his dad work sporadically on a hunting cabin on his dad's remote farming property. So, I took some drinks over to the place and the men took a break and we sat around in the cabin talking for a while before they went back to work. When the men went back to work, I took the opportunity to take a walk and get a few photos.

I can see some more "cabin time" in my future!


Deb said...

Oh I'd love to have a cabin back in the boonies! (Or a house and actually live there. LOL We are only a couple miles from town, so not far enough out to my way of thinking, even if it is a small town. *giggle*) Love the photos of the cabin, and the pond! :)

Jo said...

You surely live in a beautiful area. The one thing I think I'd add to western Minnesota is some of those hills. Will you trade some hills for some lakes?