Another Hot Day

I hit the ground running this morning at 6:30. I really should have got up before then, but it was so nice to just lay in bed with the fan blowing on me! It has been so hot here and so dry! We do not have air conditioning and it seems I stay sweaty until right before bed when I take a shower. It's almost unbearable at times! Our grass is brown and burned. I am feeding the cows hay and have been now for several weeks. The chickens hide out and don't do much foraging. Seems there just isn't much for them to get in the way of bugs and food. I have been feeding them as well , instead of letting them just totally free range!
I got out of bed, made the bed, let the dogs out, fed and watered the dogs, hung a load of clothes on the line, fed and watered the chickens, milked the cows, fed the cows, cleaned the milker, loaded the truck with milk, eggs, cucumbers and other things I needed to take to the other farm , combed my hair, washed my face, put on a little make up and headed for the farm for breakfast. We had a big breakfast and then I helped Mike's mom wash the dishes. The people started coming a little before nine for produce and we were quite busy picking vegetables and waiting on customers all morning. At noon, I came home to let the dogs out, check on the water situation for the chickens and do some things around the house. I had a big bowl of peaches that Mike picked off the tree in our yard, so I peeled and cut them up and froze them. I made some home made bannana ice cream for tonight. I told Mike we are having tomatoe sandwiches and bannana ice cream for supper tonight! It's just too hot to cook!
About six, I will start my milking routine and gather the rest of the eggs, feed the chickens again and by the time I have everything finished and the kitchen floor mopped after supper, it will be time to lock the chickens in for the night.

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