Vet Visit

Oscar has been scratching his ears and shaking his head. After milking the cows and feeding the chickens this morning, I decided I better take him to the vet. He is such a good dog! He rode in the truck and watched the scenery until we got to the clinic. At the clinic he was a perfect gentleman. He even rolled over on the examining table for the vet to scratch his belly! He has a double ear infection that includes two different types of infection (yeast and bacterial). The vet put him on antibiotics, gave him drops for his ears and told me to flush and clean them every week from now on. Evidently, the vet feels that he will be susceptible to more infections now that he has had them. The vet also said that he is a little overweight and we discussed a change in diet for him! Oscar is NOT going to be too happy about that!

Mike brought home several boxes of over-ripe fruit that he was given yesterday, so I have been trying to put as much of that up as I can today. I took the plums, peeled and seeded them and put them in the crock pot to cook slowly. I am hoping they will thicken and make a nice plum butter. They smell delicious and taste good too! I also had quite few yellow cherries. I am not sure how well they will be for pies, but since they wouldn't keep, I decided to go ahead and cook them up and freeze them for pies and cobblers this winter.

I had a double batch of milk clabber for making the cottage cheese ready today. We have not had any for a couple of weeks, so it will taste good. Mike likes to eat his with fruit, but I enjoy mine with salt, pepper and fresh tomatoes! The tomatoes we are getting out of the garden are so tasty this year, although not yet plentiful!

I will have a few peaches to do soon. They are not quite ripe but Mike picked them off our tree last night. If we wait too long, the bugs get in them, so we have found it's better to pick them a few days early and let them ripen inside. Mike had a time getting the peaches because Edy kept coming over and trying to eat the peaches he had already picked. I was worried she was going to knock over his ladder. She is a big pet...............or pest, as Mike says.
(Note: Picture of Oscar was taken when the kids left to move to Colorado. He sat in their car looking quite sad while they loaded their things. We had to physically remove him from the car.)

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Gypsie Lady said...

Poor skeeter!
I miss him...he was so sad when josh and i left. Almost as sad as mom.