Happy Birthday, Princess!!!!

One year ago today my sweet, little Princess was born!

She is the sweetest thing and visitors comment that she is more like a dog than a cow. Even those people afraid of cows can't help but love Princess.

I feel very blessed to be her caretaker. We told her "Happy Birthday" as we tossed her an extra flake of hay and told her that was her birthday cake!

In these pictures (taken not quite two months ago) she is with a Butter ( a standard 50 inch cow), Mayfield (mid-mini in size at 44 inches) and Edy (a mini at 42 inches). You can see that she is a lot shorter than Edy. I have not measured her recently but last time I did so she was around 35-36 inches at the hip. She is a percentage miniature with her momma (Maya) being a standard that measures 47 inches at the hip.

I wanted to get a picture of her today on her birthday, but we are getting the remnants of Ida and the weather is not cooperating.

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