Baby Number Seven

Baby Number Seven arrived today and it's another bull calf.  I was disappointed as I really wanted a heifer calf out of this cow,  However, I could not be too upset because the calf is adorable and momma and baby are doing great. 

Mayfield is my 13 year old Miniature Jersey and last year she lost her calf after a difficult delivery when it was born dead (a heifer, of course).  I saw Mayfield pushing and ran out to the field to assist her if she needed it but no help was necessary.  It was a text book delivery and the calf jumped up and began nursing within a half hour of being born.  This makes cow number ten for me to milk, and when I am milking by myself, it takes me about three hours per milking to milk and feed.  My days begin around 6 am and usually don't end until around 11 pm. 

We have a month before another calf is due, but I have three goats that are expecting babies in April.  All three are first fresheners. 

New Life:  Mayfield and Baby Bull Calf


Prince Charming

Mayfield's Calf (not yet named) and Emmy's Calf, Zach.

Chip and Stormy



Deb said...

Congrats! You are going to have milk coming out your ears! *giggle* Sorry you didn't get the little girl you were wanting.

Anonymous said...

Tammy, your calves are beautiful and I am in awe (and possibly taking to my bed) thinking of all the work you do! Be good to yourself in all the rush.