Update on Joshua's Well

An Update on Joshua's Well:

My Guatemala trip is just round the corner in July! I am getting so excited! Not only has enough money come in to provide for a deep water well, but we have close to $2000 over and above that amount that will be designated to a specific need. (We are trying to determine where there is the greatest need and give towards whatever that might be.) My heart is continually blessed knowing that so many people have given sacrificially to make Joshua's memorial and Joshua's Well a reality. Working towards this memorial has done so much to help give me focus and help me as I walk through this valley of grief. The grief never goes away, but becomes a constant companion with which one learns how to coexist and live. Now as I focus on these final months before the trip, there are a number of items that I can take along with me to give to the orphans or to the elderly that are in need in the rural areas of Guatemala. I know there are many needs right here with in the US and if your heart is telling you to contribute to other needs and not to this specific needs of the folks in Guatemala, then follow your heart. However, I wanted to list some of the items that would be useful to take along on the trip and distrubute to those in need in Guatemala, in case anyone feels led to contribute.

o Candy for the kids

o Small toys/stuffed animals/balls

o Hair ties for girls

o Underwear for children

o Kitchen towels for the kitchen workers

o infant/baby clothing, especially Onesies (Rescue Center)

o infant/baby toys (Rescue Center)

o burp cloths, bibs, etc. (Rescue Center)

o children's clothing and shoes, all sizes (Orphanage)

o lotions, soaps, toothbrushes, etc. (Elderly Home)

My heart is full and hurting for those all over the world who are in need, including those in our own country, especially after the devastating tornadoes in the south. So, search your heart and decide where it is you are to help and follow your heart. Maybe your calling is just to give your neighbor a hug. Whatever it is, I pray you are blessed in your giving.

Much love,


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Lucky Lizard Ranch said...

What a great report! I am excited for you! Please keep the updates coming, I really love the pictures and can't wait to see pics of your trip!